Free Projects as Alternative

There are many great free and open source projects around which can easily be used (studied, modified and distributed) by everyone. The problem is that they are not widely known and after all, everyone else uses Facebook and Twitter.

That is why I use

And the free projects have their advantages (except for the freedom):

  • Ubuntu does not run Adobe software
  • You don’t need to log in to view your stream (useful for internet cafés etc.)
  • OpenStreetMap has an awesome cycle map!
  • does not play the same lame tunes that everyone already knows
  • EtherPad makes collaborative writing really really easy
  • NewsBlur shows the original page, not just a bare feed
  • Jappix can talk XMPP, AIM,, IRC – even Twitter and Facebook and so much more!
  • You get to know people who have similar values

So spread these great free alternatives! Talk to your friends, show them Ubuntu from a USB key, give presentations, start a Free Culture chapter at your university – but most important: use free projects and help where you can.

Thanks to Benjamin Wache who introduced me to Ubuntu in the first place and Parker Higgins who got me back on the freedom track. You’re awesome.

6 responses to “Free Projects as Alternative

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  3. hi Jan, try instead of (aditionaly) it’s open source and truly non-profit, has multi language profiles and will cooperate with Servas

    • Hey Martin,
      thanks for the hint! I remember having a look at before but it was not clear to me then that it is running on free software.

      I just signed up there and changed my other post accordingly. Suggestions are always welcome! 🙂

  4. great! BeWelcome is a lot smaller. They just have the same problems as all open source alternatives in the beginning. It now says at the bottom ‘running on BWRox’ which is open source 🙂

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