My current projects & activism is on the right.

I encourage living with less, such as:

In the past I have done:

5 responses to “Ability

  1. Lately I have been trying pretty hard to find as many positive-thinkers as my time permits, and I was very impressed when I ran into your site. Keep up the good work. I want try to help out because open technology and information could solve so many problems people face today. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. I don’t know why. This space inspires me. I have one question to you ?. How do you live this way and what drives you to live the way your live ?.

    • Thank you! I just do what I love and connect with people who do the same. I’m driven by making things better for everyone and caring less about my own wealth – especially because you’re most happy when you do what you love anyway.
      The quotes who inspired me are also a good list if you want to know what drives me. And your post on simplifying pretty much goes to the point.

  3. Yes, I did go through your “Taste” page. I empathize with a few ‘quotes’ you have posted in the page. The fourth one, by Socrates, is something I am actively trying to inculcate into my life.

    I am presently reading an article by the name “Death Delusion”. The page one that you have linked from your “Ability” page.

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