Free(ing) web games

In the past weeks I added loads of fun to the collection of free web services. Many great modern web games are not licensed and there are several contests and platforms that showcase open web technologies but don‘t bother about freedom. So I contacted the developers – with great results:

Soon to be freely licensed are:

All these are added to the already existing fantastic free and open source web-based games:

Thanks to all the developers and to Mozilla Labs Game OnMozilla Demo Studio & Chrome Experiments for providing such great platforms! There are still many applications without license information on the list.

If you know any more freely licensed web-based applications or develop one and have licensing questions – don’t hesitate to contact me.

5 responses to “Free(ing) web games

  1. You should come to Game Hack Day in NYC.

    Full details here:

    Feel free to email me: public at johndbritton dot com

    • Thank you for the info, John. Unfortunately I’m neither a game hacker nor will I be able to come to NYC in June. I’d be happy though if you endorse free & open source licensing at the Game Hack Day. I’ll surely add good freely licensed games developed there to the site.

      Oh and by the way, I love pretty much all of your projects. Keep it up!

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  3. avatar4antistress

    the given link doesn’t work…

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